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What lives grows.

For one moment, let's remember Black History. When America legalized slavery of black people, the masters maintained control of the slaves by not educating them. Why? Knowledge and implementation, meant the potential for power. Are you around people who want to keep you ignorant or want to teach you so you can grow?

Reality is... those who do not teach you want to keep you ignorant in order to maintain their control over you. When someone teaches you, it doesn't mean their against you if they are sharing how you can improve.

I also recognize, people have so many options as far as teachers these days between people on social media, YouTube, Google, tiktok and other educational platforms. People are inundated with information. Make sure you are choosing someone who aligns with your values and can teach in a way that sparks the motivation in you to be a better person.

That doesn't mean you will always walk away feeling good after a lesson. It's ok though. Growth does have its pain sometimes. But you will know you are being taught well (& you are open to being taught) when you see the positive results in your life.

Here's to another great week! Let's live, learn and grow together!

Happy Sunday!

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