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Happy Mother's Day

To every Mother - biological, adoptive, foster, auntie, surrogate, caretaker, etc.: enjoy your day! You are loved and deserve to be celebrated! Your ability to carry, birth and nurture helps the world maintain balance. Your ability to love, discipline and share wisdom keeps your circle of influence on track. Mothers, we celebrate you and your greatness today. You are present for everyone else, irregardless of how you feel. We hope the presence of love, compassion and joy are present for you on today and every other day. Mothers, you deserve to be treated like royalty on a consistent basis. #HappyMothersDay #EstherTreatment

To those mothers who's mother has pass away, I pray you are comforted today and find joy knowing you have been blessed to know the love of a mother. And have the great ability to mother with great care. You are loved. Cry if you must. Then dry those eyes and remember your mother will always have a place in your heart. Pass on the positive messages and legacy your mother has gifted to you. Life is certainly a journey. And I pray you have a great community of people who will surround you with care on today and every other day. And as much as you give, I pray it is reciprocated to you. #HappyMothersDay #TheGiftofLife

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