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What is forgiveness?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Forgiveness is a tough subject for many people because it is the act of giving a pardon to someone who wronged you. In relationships, many people are less connected emotionally and psychologically because of unforgiveness. More over, you don't know you have forgiven until the negative emotional & psychological response is absent. Therefore, a person can say they forgive another, but if they become frustrated or angry with that same person in his or her presence, unforgiveness is still in his or her heart. Thus, forgiveness is a conscious (psychological) decision and a heart (emotion) matter. Forgiveness doesn't require a conversation with the person who offended you. However, it requires you have a resolve regarding that person and the relationship.

Many people say forgiveness is for the one who was wronged. That is true. Yet, forgiveness can be the first step to reconciling differences within a relationship. Why would you hold onto misery in a relationship, especially if you plan to stay and can shift your psychological and emotional response? Forgive. It helps you. And it helps you perceive your relationship differently. Then you can express mercy within your relationship. You can't show mercy when you are entertaining misery. Let go of misery and mercy will show up in you & your relationship. Forgive. This may help you maintain your relationships, especially while everyone is at home during this pandemic. You're welcome. Lol

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