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St. Patrick's Day

Enjoy and please mind your consumption of alcohol. St. Patrick's Day is known for binge drinking of beer in the United States. Here's a few tips.

  1. Pace yourself. Per research, 4 drinks for females and 5 drinks for men within 2 hours can lead to high blood alcohol levels - which means legally drunk, if tested with a breathalyzer. Drinking more than that could lead to alcohol poisoning, which requires an emergency visit to the hospital.

  2. Do not drive. Reduce the likelihood of engaging in risky behavior, the potential for a car accident or DUI arrest.

  3. Do not engage in sexual activity under the influence. Is drunk consent really consent? And research shows, people engage in more risky sexual behavior (such as sex without condoms) under the influence and is linked to the transmission of STIs.

  4. Have fun and make wise choices. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

(NIAAA, 2022)

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