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Long life...

I have been fascinated with long life since COVID, which is the reason I watched "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones" on Netflix. Afterwards, I continued my research & found these common lifestyle practices in the Blue Zones (where a high concentration of people live over 100 years) of the world. See the picture.

What do you think?

💎 Is it possible for the United States to increase its number of Blue Zones?

💎 How are we going to reduce stress in the United States?

The U.S. fast pace, long work hours approach is contributing to shorter life expectancy. At the same time, Blue Zone folks are not sedentary or sleeping all day. However, NAPS are major. I love naps. 😊

💎 Since COVID are we connecting to our tribes in a more purposeful way?

💎 How do we incorporate fun, laughter, leisure into our daily routine?

Good quality of life contributes to overall health, mental health & increases years of life. Isn't this awesome news?!

Let's discuss. Comments are welcome.

Let's live, learn and grow together! - Dr. Cunningham

(Pictures cited from Blue Zones, LLC.)

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