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Interacting with Family on Thanksgiving

As you prepare to spend time with loved ones for Thanksgiving, I hope it is a time of peace and enjoyment. For those who have difficulty with family interactions consider these tips.

  1. Monitor your time with family. If you can manage an hour, just set your watch or phone to stay an hour.

  2. If you need to stay longer, utilize planned time away. Walk outside and take a few deep breaths. Listen to your favorite uplifting song. Then return to your family.

  3. If you need to discuss a matter, be mindful of your tone and words. A calm tone & statements that include your feelings, how the concern affects/effects you and what you appreciate helps to balance the conversation in a way that reduces defensiveness and the likelihood of an argument.

  4. And remember what you love & like about your family. It's a mental strategy to focus your attention on what makes your family members humans and connects your heart to your choices when interacting with them.

Cheers to a drama free holiday! (Review the picture if a mantra helps!) Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones!!!

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