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Egalitarian Leadership

The future leaders are women. It doesn't mean men don't have a place as leaders. It means men & women can lead peacefully at the same time. If people are competing for the leadership role it negatively impacts the entire team. How can we peacefully lead together? Well... discuss. Conversations where each person is actively listened to is imperative. One person isn't better than the other. Also, leaders acknowledge when others add to their lives. Leaders do not discount the knowledge gained from their teammates. Leaders also do not have to defame another's name to keep their position. Leaders also acknowledge their areas of growth and do not make others' lives salient current fake news. New era leaders collaborate and do not compete. New era leaders understand that it's not about the importance of a platform. It's about the consistency of a life well lived which is then reflected through what they teach or say. Life has been a process for all of us. Let's just remember how to show up as leaders and not bring harm to our purpose, vision and community.


*Watch Woman King.

*Watch the Empress.

*Watch Wakanda Forever.

Men & Women can lead together.

- Dr. Cunningham

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