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Norja E. Cunningham, lmft, art trained, llc

"Be creative! Expand your psychological and
relational capacity beyond your culture!"

Did you know that Dr. Cunningham has envisioned traveling the world to provide support to individuals, families and communities since she was a youth? Yes. Dr. Cunningham was born in Stamford and raised in Bridgeport, CT by a single mother. Dr. Cunningham was reared in a home and community that provided love, support and principled tutelage. Because of her community, she was protected from the stereotypical inner city statistics young people experience when they have little guidance and little to no trusted adults around them. That healthy environment helped Dr. Cunningham to accomplish all she has within the past 41 years she has lived, so far. Therefore, she has made it her mission to establish a community within a community that protects people's value, positively impacts self-development and builds healthy relationships.


Additionally, Ghana has about one million citizens currently and only 39 mental health providers in the entire country. Ghana also has four main psychiatric hospitals where all mental health services are provided. There is more work to be done to destigmatize mental health and to build the infrastructure to support the Ghanaian communities.


We can collectively and collaboratively provide the help to Ghana! So, consider donating for Bridgeport to Ghana, the 2025 Mental Health initiative. Dr. Cunningham and a group of leading mental health providers will be traveling to Ghana to provide education and services to the Ghanaian community. We are also bringing a group of 12 young adults who are aspiring to work in the mental health field. Donate today - - Thank you!

If you are a mental health provider - psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse and/or master's student in a mental health program - please contact us to be vetted for the group working on the Bridgeport to Ghana mission in 2025 @ 203-590-1554. Thank you!

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Your quality of life, psychological balance and relational

well-being matters!

You deserve a content and healthy relationship with yourself and others!

Why choose NEC, LLC?

Because we CARE.



A value-based client-centered business that enhances individuals and relationships.




To provide therapeutic services and products in creative ways to individuals and families to enhance their lives.




WISDOM -- NEC, LLC implements sound judgment based on clinical experience, knowledge from models of therapy and research/ literature. 


HOPE -- NEC, LLC provides hope to our clients through seeing value in their futures.


JUSTICE -- NEC, LLC treats all of our clients with dignity, respect, and justice. 


COMPASSION -- NEC, LLC expresses sympathy toward our clients' sufferings.


Services Provided

Counseling, Coaching & Consultation


Relationship enhancement:

  • Intergenerational reconciliation (at least 3 generations)

  • Parent-child relationship building


Stress management:

  • Compassion fatigue mitigation coaching for professionals

  • Major life changes adaptability coaching


Guardian Ad Litem Services

Pay with Credit
or Debit Card

Fees range from $100 - $500.
Please call the office for more information.

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