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Norja E. Cunningham, lmft, art trained, llc

"Be creative! Expand your psychological and
relational capacity beyond your culture!"

In 2020, NEC, LLC partnered with a NGO in Ghana - every year since then - has collaboratively provided the youth & young adults school supplies and sanitary napkins.

Enjoy the pictures of our family in Ghana! 

1st Quality of Life Conference is on July 24, 2024 9a to 3p - Accra, Ghana UPSA Auditorium & ONLINE.
Join us!

Dr. Cunningham's Story and Ghana

One pivotal moment in my life influenced father died from cancer when I was 10 years old, I was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting my younger siblings - I can still recall the last time I saw my father in the hospital telling me, look after your sisters. I wore my role with honor. Yet, I was grieving for me, my single mother and family. What kept me moving forward in life was my connection to my family, friends, local Christian community, education, sports, the creative arts, working (since 15 years old), volunteering and therapy. I learned early on to share for legacy sake, because you reap what you sow and therapy works. Up to 2019, I donated my time, knowledge and energy in my hometown of Connecticut. I also donated nationally to organizations like American Cancer Society and St. Jude.


In 2020, I started grappling with the idea of expanding my reach to an international organization and the Holy Spirit led me to Ghana. Thus, I connected with an NGO in Ghana that provided school supplies to children and sanitary napkins to young ladies so they could attend school.  School is so important  to me because primary, highschool and college provided a safe space for me & my community to develop as youth until young adulthood.

After 3 years of cultivating a connection with the NGO leaders, we started discussing mental health and  relationships with consideration of my PhD & work as a systemic interventionist - specifically, how could we collaboratively destigmatize mental illness, cultivate supportive close relationships for the mentally ill and foster greater relationships within the community between the mentally ill, the church, their families, government officials and supporting agencies in Ghana?

The Quality of Life Conference was born. The conference is an expression of my purpose, to support individuals,  families and communities to thrive, attain and refine through compassion, justice, hope and wisdom on a national and now international level. The Quality of Life Conference will include singers, dancers, government officials and pastors from Ghana.  A few of my colleagues who specialize in bridging faith & mental health, the arts and mental health, community, work-life balance, family support and mental health, and wellness will participate from the USA.

This vision is also expanding because we plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to the primary school in Ghana so they can build a schoolhouse. And now through my connection with a university on the West Coast, we are creating opportunities for Ghanaian students to attend a university in the USA as exchange students. Serendipitously, I recently learned through my father's side of the family, I have Ghanaian DNA running through my veins. So much positivity & synergy is occurring and I am really excited! I am truly appreciative!


We can collectively and collaboratively provide support to Ghana! So, consider purchasing a ticket to the 1st Quality of Life Conference - Quality of Life Conference Registration, Wed, Jul 24, 2024 at 9:00 AM | Eventbrite

If you have any questions, please contact us @ 203-590-1554. Thank you!

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Your quality of life, psychological balance and relational well-being matters!

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You deserve a content and healthy relationship with yourself and others!

Why choose NEC, LLC?

Because we CARE.



A value-based client-centered business that enhances individuals and relationships.




To provide therapeutic services and products in creative ways to enhance the lives of individuals, families and communities.




WISDOM -- NEC, LLC implements sound judgment based on clinical experience, knowledge from models of therapy and research/ literature. 


HOPE -- NEC, LLC provides hope to our clients through seeing value in their futures.


JUSTICE -- NEC, LLC treats all of our clients with dignity, respect, and justice. 


COMPASSION -- NEC, LLC expresses sympathy toward our clients' sufferings.


Services Provided

Counseling, Coaching & Consultation


Relationship enhancement:

  • Intergenerational reconciliation (at least 3 generations)

  • Parent-child relationship building


Stress management:

  • Compassion fatigue mitigation coaching for professionals

  • Major life changes adaptability coaching


Guardian Ad Litem Services

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or Debit Card

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